Chief Parts - Electrical Parts
Ampmeter, '32-'37
Ampmeter, '47 type, slant needle
Ampmeter, '39-'48
Headlight, complete with Junction Block
Headlight, with INDIAN script rim and "John Brown" glas, for early Chiefs
Headlight ring, chromed
Headlight shell, "MOTOLAMP", primer
Headlight shell, "MOTOLAMP", chrome
Junction block and frame, for motolamp
Reflector with Motolamp Glas, with Bilux Bulb, 6 Volt or 12 Volt
Front fender light, "INDIAN" face, civilian Chief
Lens for front fender light
Taillight, complete with rubber
Glas for taillight
Dimmer Switch, for headlight
Horn switch
Horn, '50-'53, similar repro
Horn cover "Indian face", as original, 3 mm smaller
Horn cover, '46-'47, stainless steel
Horn back cover, '39-'40, flat. also fits '41-'45
Horn cover, '40-'45, with "INDIAN" block letters
Main switch, '38-'53
Army switch, with keys, repro, chromed
Brake switch, replacement
Wiring harness, up to battery, cloth covered, specify year
Taillight wires, metal-covered
Clip, wires to frame 314011 (3 needed), each

Many more small parts in stock! Please contact us!

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