Chief Parts - Handlebars
Handlebars, '32-'37
Handlebars, '38-'45
Handlebars, '46-up, different types
Handlebar risers, tin plated, with rubber, each
Rubber grips, round end, black or grey, '36-'40, set
Rubber grips "long rib" type, set
Rubber grips "fine ribs" type, civilian, a bit shorter than above
Mirror, complete with clamp, chromed
Mirror, army style, strong design
Nut for handlebar sleeves, chromed, each
Threaded ring on handlebar sleeve, bare steel
Sleeve (steel grip), left or right, each
Block and pin, control wire, each
Stop, holds control wire outer, No. 24B25, each
Control outer, with original threading and wire, each
Clamp for control wire, with screw and cotter pin, No. 635004
Control wire, each
Hand brake lever, nickle or chrome, '28-'40
Hand brake lever, chromed, '41-'45
Hand brake lever, chromed, '46-up
Hand brake cable

Many more small parts in stock! Please contact us!

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